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The Diet Intensifier's have (4) Levels of power. Each Stage boosts your weight loss, energy & appetite suppression to the next level up. No matter what diet program you're on, by adding The Diet Intensifier's, your body fat burning, increases 15% - 25%. Even if you are simply dieting and/or exercising, adding the Intensifier's will gas up your result and your weight loss will be faster and more precise. Start with The Diet Intensifier Stage #1.

*When using The Diet Intensifier's alone, with your dieting and exercising, Take (1) Before Breakfast and (1) Before Lunch Daily.

To Those that would like the highest level of Fat Burning Possible, Pair your Diet Intensifier's with their companion: The Fat Predator Diet Capsules. 

Like The Fat Predator, there are (4) Stages of Diet Intensifiers, You start with Fat Predator Stage #1 and Intensifier Stage #1, using them over and over again. If your inches and pounds ever plateau for more than 2-3 weeks, Move to Fat Predator Stage #2 and Diet Intensifier Stage #2,. If your weight loss has a standstill again, Continue through to stage's #3 and then Stage's #4. If you have more weight to loss and are not yet at your weight loss goal, repeat the systems over starting back at Stage's #1. Your weight loss and inch loss will continue where they left off.

*When using the Fat Predator and Diet Intensifier's as a combo, take (1) Fat Predator with breakfast and (1) Diet Intensifier with Lunch.

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