Ultimate Weight Loss Kit
Ultimate Weight Loss Kit
Ultimate Weight Loss Kit

Ultimate Weight Loss Kit

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The Ultimate Weight Loss Kit literally conquers fat from every angle of your body.


    *Fat Burner Capsules #1 60ct. - Made with herbs and plant extracts. Helps lift the metabolism, Profound in assisting with energy.  Suppresses appetite, Burn Calories and Body Fat.

    *Fat Burner Capsules #2 90ct. – Is profound in assisting with energy, vitality and body fat burning. (If you notice too much energy and /or appetite reduction, temporally remove them from your daily intake, until you are used to the intensity of "The Ultimate Weight Loss Kit.")

    *Lipo- Fat Burning Cream 4oz. - Assist the body the breaking down of fat and cellulite, by absorbing into the outer dermis of the skin. When in use, all over the body daily, it's not uncommon to drop (1/2) dress size in a month.

    *Grapefruit & Apple Cider Vinegar Tablets 60ct. - The main ingredients are profound in helping to burn and metabolize body fat.

    *Bowel Move Cleanse 100ct. - Cleanses the intestinal tract of toxins and fat cells that have been metabolized from the body.