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Fat Predator Stage #2
Fat Predator Stage #2

Fat Predator Stage #2

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Fat Predator Stage #2 is the 2nd. level in our (4) Stage Fat Burning & Weight Loss System. It comes with both "Fat Predator & Diet Intensifier #2. This system cross trains you down to the size you want to see.

All stages of the system is made with the highest standard of ingredients, and is design for complete synergistic fat-burning. In other words; the Fat Predator System will seek to torch every fat cell that exist in your body. With Fat Predator Stage #2, energy is also powerful. If you are eating right or eating wrong, the strong Appetite Suppression helps to keep you on point. The Energy, Body Fat and Calorie Burning is second to none.

You'll see the results you've been waiting on and the success that you couldn't get with other products, systems or formulas. Start with taking 1/2 (a half), Capsule of Fat Predator with breakfast and a (1/2) (a half) Capsule of Diet Intensifier with lunch daily. Once you are used to the intensity, move up to full capsules.

As you have now loss a good amount of weight, If you need to lose more and your inches and pounds plateau for more than 2 weeks, move to Fat Predator Stage #3. Your weight loss will continue where it left off. After a couple months, if you haven't reached your goal and you notice a standstill again, continue through to Fat Predator Stage #4. If you have more weight to lose (100lbs. or more) and is not yet at your weight loss goal, repeat the systems starting back at Fat Predator Stages #1. Your weight loss will reboot Your weight and inch loss will continue from where it left off. Your potential is truly unlimited. Call us at 219-769-8320 with any questions.

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